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Our COVID19 Response...

It is critical to get the appropriate services you need to have a healthy pregnancy and postpartum experience. We are committed to helping you find the personal assistance you need in a virtual format. Below you will find links to individuals who serve in the following areas and who are providing virtual consultations, we will continue to add to this list as we get new information.



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Virtual consultation and birth courses.

If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or other disruptive symptoms, set up a virtual therapy appointment or get a referral to another therapist who has gone virtual and is licensed in your state.

Virtual consultation with an IBCLC

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Virtual Sleep Consultation with a Certified Sleep Consultant.

Virtual consultation and guidance on healing and supporting your pelvic floor.

Personal nutrition consultation with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (who also happens to be a Certified Lactation Consultant!)

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Medicine Kit


You didn't plan on being a homeschool parent, yet here you are. Click "Schedule Now" and send your needs to a team of teachers who are certified K-12 and linguistically diverse. They will receive your questions and respond with the service they offer that will best support your family.

Join a class or receive virtual support from a certified personal trainer.

Pursue health and healing through virtual treatment by a naturopathic doctor who specializes in treating mothers and pediatrics.

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Acutherapy is acupuncture without the puncture. An acupuncturist who specializes in work with pediatrics and maternal health is offering virtual services to support families during this health crisis. During these sessions she will be offering guidance on self-administering, diagnosing, and prescribing herbs and moxa.

Virtual consultation with a pediatric physical therapist who can offer guidance in preventative exercise and education in navigating developmental milestones.

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Babymoon & Beyond: Support for parents from pregnancy through parenthood

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You're pregnant or postpartum and you're supposed to...

Take care of your body. Take care of your baby. Enjoy your marriage. Go on a babymoon. Support your partner. Prepare for childbirth. Plan your meals. Update yourself on infant safety standards and recalled products. Nail breastfeeding. Somehow sleep. Hack parenting. Feel aglow. Enjoy it while it lasts. And take pictures of it all along the way...


In our current world it is hard to "do it all," In fact - you can't. You need to make the most of your time so you can access what is necessary to prepare you for the season-to-come. You need to know how the upcoming change will impact you and your relationship. You need to become the best mom or dad you can be. And you need this to be done efficiently and affordably.

We share a desire to elevate the world's expectations of marital intimacy during the pregnancy and postpartum season. In an effort to fortify marriages in early parenthood, we create high quality online courses and in person retreats that integrate relevant information surrounding holistic childbirth and postpartum healthcare, while simultaneously providing couples space, privacy and independence to connect.

Let us help...

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Online Options

"From Your Couch"

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In Person Options

"From Our Couch"

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Free Resources

Take advantage of some of our free resources!

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More than just a personalized E-book, this is a package that includes a 120 minute virtual or in-person session with Ashley Hudson, and an E-book summarizing details discussed during the session. This is for partners who are expecting a baby, or who are newly postpartum and who want to plan for mental and relational wellness. We will spend time learning about the neurobiological changes that occur during pregnancy (for both mom and dad), review communication styles, conflict resolution, individual triggers and coping skills, and discuss a plan for practical needs that will arise in the postpartum season that will have a direct impact on your mental health. After the session, I will send you a personalized ebook that summarizes our time together and presents a communication plan specific to your relationship needs and individual personality types. After purchasing Ashley will be in touch to schedule the virtual or in-person session.

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"This is a great opportunity, but I can't afford it right now."

Babymoon and Beyond is fortunate to be able to provide scholarships to couples who do not have the financial means to attend the retreat, but who want to come.  These are only eligible for our retreats, not online providions.

To apply, send us your story. 

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