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Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Health

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If You are Pregnant or Postpartum, You NEED to...

To take care of your body including nutrient balance and proper alignment for birth, baby wearing and nursing. 

To establish a trusting, mutually respectful relationship with your healthcare provider(s).

To choose a birthing place that provides you with a safe space to birth the way you and your partner see fit.

To learn about newborns and how to safely care for them.

To understand typical sleep patterns of newborns and how to achieve the most sleep possible early on. 

To relax so as to not overwhelm mom and baby with stress hormones.

To support your partner as he or she begins the journey of becoming the best parent possible. 

To plan meals for the postpartum period.

To carve out time to strengthen your marriage and discuss upcoming changes/expectations. 

To understand the benefits of breastfeeding, when and how to properly pump, a proper latch, etc. 

To begin grappling with your parenting style and family value system. 

To tend to your mental health and know your own triggers and coping mechanisms for this season.

To learn an array of ways to treat discomforts and needs (for labor and beyond), including safe homeopathic approaches to health. 

To learn how to listen to your body in this season and discern what might be a sign of a problem. 

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Some FACTS include:

67% of marriages report a lowered marital satisfaction during the postpartum period. 

1 in 5 parents is diagnosed with a Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorder.

Suicide is the second leading cost of death in moms during the postpartum season and is completely preventable with proper psychoeducation & mental healthcare intervention. 

The US maternal mortality rate is the highest among all nations, and far surpasses the rate of many "second" and "third" world countries.

30% of women feel intimidated or hindered when discussing issues with their care providers, including important birthing decisions

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