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While we appreciate the potential and convenience of online learning and communities, we also know there is power and unmatched growth that can be found by meeting face to face. We value the essence of community and the way we all evolve when we are among one another. For that reason, we promise premium service and experience at the semi-annual retreats we offer for pregnant and newly postpartum couples. We hope you will join us!

From Our Couch: Services

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September 26th 2020 | Arvada, Colorado

Details To Come...

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From Our Couch: Services
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Hilton Garden Inn Arvada

5455 Olde Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, CO 80002

(303) 420-9799

This hotel is located less than a mile away from the retreat site. A room is $118 a night plus fees and taxes. Rooms have been reserved for this retreat, give the front desk the name "Katie Renon" and the phone number 720-495-1866.

The Arvada Dragonfly

5900 Olde Wadsworth Blvd. Arvada, CO 80003

(720) 940-0787

This quaint collection of cottages is less than half a mile from the retreat site. A room is roughly $320.00 a night plus fees and taxes. 

Air B&B

There are several AirB&B options ranging from $75/night to just over $100. These are all located near the retreat site which is 5855 Wadsworth Bypass Building B, Arvada, CO 80003

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From Our Couch: Services

Preview of Mini-Sessions and Breakout Sessions

Mini-sessions are 30 minute one-on-one services provided by practitioners who specialize in serving pregnant and postpartum individuals. 

Break out sessions will take place in a group setting and will be an hour in length including teaching and discussion on a certain topic by a qualified expert. 

Retreat participants can design their own afternoon with as many mini-sessions or breakout sessions as they want. Our concierge service will take care of scheduling what you want, when you want it. 

Below is a preview of the services we have provided at previous retreats, stay tuned to see services that will be available at the September retreat. 

Ashley Headshot_edited.jpg

Individualized Assessment and PMAD Prevention/Intervention Planning with 

Ashley Hudson, LCSW


A couples session during which we will discuss personal history to determine vulnerability for a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder, and develop intentional ways to offset symptoms of postpartum depression or anxiety. We will also review a postpartum pact that each parent will sign that outlines expectations for the postpartum season, and how to respond if a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder presents.

Ashley Hudson is with Pearl in Process Counseling

Pre/Postnatal Nutrition Consultation and Meal Planning Service with 

Kayla Thorngate, RDN, CLC


Prenatal: The health of a mother during her pregnancy can have a significant impact on the health of her developing baby. During this mini session, you will meet with a Registered Dietitian to discuss how you can optimize your diet and incorporate a real food approach to manage health concerns and promote a healthy pregnancy for you and your baby.

Postnatal: The postpartum period is a time of recovery and revival, full of new challenges and discoveries. It is a time when mothers are trying to balance caring for their new babies with managing their own needs. During this mini session, you will receive expert nutrition advice from a Registered Dietitian regarding nourishing foods and practices to assist you during the initial postpartum period and beyond, so you can feel your best for you and your little one. Nutrition consultations include an individualized meal plan that will assist you in meeting your specific nutrient needs during pregnancy, postpartum recovery and breastfeeding (if applicable) while also accounting for any dietary preferences or restrictions.

Kayla Thorngate is with Nourished Mothers


Webster Chiropractic Adjustment with

Dr. Morgan Sheridan 


Consultation, Neurostructural examination and webster specific adjustment. The Webster technique is a specific sacral adjustment to help facilitate the mother’s pelvic alignment and nerve system function. This in turn balances pelvic muscles and ligaments, reduces torsion to the uterus. This may offer a greater potential for optimal fetal positioning.

Dr. Sheridan is with Foundation Chiropractic

From Our Couch: Services
Miranda-60 - Miranda Sherman.jpg

Pre/postnatal Reiki Therapy 

with Miranda Sherman, Reiki Master, Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula & Women's Health Educator  


This session offers whole body postpartum care through prenatal & postnatal energy therapy. Reiki is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects. Read more about reiki.

Miranda Sherman is with Miranda Lu

From Our Couch: Services

Ayurvedic Pre/postnatal Coaching with

Shannon Weiss


Ayurvedic Education and pre/postnatal lifestyle guidance based on one's dosha.  Instruction on yoga for mommy and baby.

Ayurvedic is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems. It was developed more than 3,000 years ago in India and it’s based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Doshas are the three energies that define every person's makeup. Knowing your dosha can help you live a healthier, more balanced life.

Shannon Weiss is with Double The Love Doula

Sleep Consultation with

Bonnie Dimmick, CSSC 


During this mini-session you will learn about newborn sleep and have your questions answered by a Certified Sleep Consultant, focusing on: The importance of sleep for newborns. How much should baby really be sleeping? The most important things to focus on to help baby establish healthy sleep habits, including enjoying all those newborn snuggles! Additionally, participants will receive a comprehensive newborn sleep guide with a weekly guide for tips and strategies to help baby get off to a good sleep start.

Bonnie Dimmick is with Sleep, Love and Happiness. 

Bonnie D.jpg
From Our Couch: Services

Core Fitness Assessment

with Leslie Rodriguez, ACSM CPT Fitforbirth PPCES


A core assessment will include a private session with Leslie, a certified personal trainer, who will check for Diastasis Recti and core function. She will then go through a variety of safe abdominal exercises that can be done during pregnancy and postpartum.

Leslie Rodriguez is with Empowered Fit and Wellness

Photography Session

with Jenny Folman


This is a moment in your life worth remembering, whether you are anxiously expecting your little one or already holding him or her in your arms! Your 30 minute photography mini-session will be relaxed and authentic. Jenny's goal is simply to capture beautiful images of this amazing moment in time.

This session includes a 30 minute photoshoot at the retreat site and 3 digital images. Participants can expect to receive a link to an online gallery within two weeks of the retreat where they will be able to download three images. All participants are welcome to purchase even more images and prints, if desired.

Jenny Folman is with Jenny Folman Photography

JennyFolmanPhotographyJFPHeadShot-1 - Je
From Our Couch: Services
Head shot 2018 smile - Liz Green.jpg

Pre/postnatal or Partner Massage and Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal  Therapy® with Liz Martin, LMT and Birth Doula 


A 30 minute pre/postnatal or partner massage will relax and relieve aches & pains with a focus on neck & shoulders or low back & hips. This is a treatment designed for an individual, not a couple. 

Liz Martin is with Mama Jane Massage 

Behavior Assessment and Planning

with Holly Huseby, MS, BCBA


Perhaps this isn't your first rodeo and you're looking for some direction in parenting one of your older children, introducing the new baby to the older sibling(s), or perhaps you simply have questions about child development and appropriate behavioral expectations. Holly will  provide priceless Behavior Analytic Assessment and guidance and provide electronic handouts and resources as necessary. 

11-05-2019 - Holly Headshot - Holly Huse
From Our Couch: Services
IMG_0514 - Ashley Zimmerman.JPEG

Perinatal Physical Therapy​

with Ashley Zimmerman PT, DPT, NCPT, BIRTHFIT Professional


Expecting mamas can expect to receive hands on techniques to help with shoulder/back/hip/etc pain as well as learn how to prepare the pelvic floor for birth. Postpartum mamas can expect the same hands on techniques as well as learn how to reconnect to movement, safely support from your deep lower core and reestablish connection to yourself through breathwork.  

Ashley Zimmerman is with Your Strength Within

From Our Couch: Services

Breakout Sessions

Breakout sessions are 90 minutes in length and will be in a group setting.

Image by Christian Bowen

Childbirth Preparation

In this class, Katie will orient you to what you need to know about labor and delivery in order to feel peaceful, confident and informed moving into the experience. As an expert in childbirth education, she will answer your questions and calm all of your nerves related to the birthing experience.

Image by Randy Rooibaatjie

Daddy Training Camp

Join us for a beer or a cup of coffee as we discuss hacks to the newborn phase of life. From learning how to swaddle and properly hold and burp the baby, to how to best support the mother in the postpartum season, this is a bootcamp created by dads, for dads.

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

Breastfeeding and Infant Safety


In this session, Kristi will review the benefits of breastfeeding and provide an open forum for questions and answers. Additionally, she will review current information related to infant safety.

Image by Chelsea shapouri

Safe use of Essential Oils in Pregnancy & Postpartum


During this session, Stephanie will walk you through important information as it pertains to the use of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.

From Our Couch: Services
Arvada vineyard.jpeg

Our Location

5855 Wadsworth Bypass, Building B, Arvada, Colorado 80003

The retreat is hosted at Arvada Vineyard which is a church building located in Arvada, Colorado.

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