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From Your Couch

We know it can be difficult to get out of your house and find the services you need to thrive in parenthood. Please consider reaching out to us for a virtual session, or review the categories below to access e-courses that speak to some of the most critical needs we have in the midst of pregnancy and parenthood. From childbirth and lactation to mental health and parenting support, let us join you in the journey.

Katie's virtual sessions are available through zoom, FaceTime, or any other preferred medium. Ashley's virtual sessions are available through her HIPAA compliant online platform, Thera-Link. 

Please note: Ashley is only licensed to provide therapy to citizens of NC, TX and CO, and will only provide consultation and coaching services as well as appropriate referrals if you live outside of those regions. 

From Your Couch: Services

Mental Health

Relationship, Parenting, and PMAD Support.

From Your Couch: Welcome


Pregnancy and Childbirth

From Your Couch: Welcome

Childbirth Professionals

Perinatal Related Education and Certifications

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Find Local Support

From pelvic floor gurus to lactation consultants, we've compiled a list of directories and resources for your convenience.

From Your Couch: Welcome
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